Beaux Mondes
No matter where we are in the world, we love capturing beauty in unexpected places.

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the meaning

n. pl. beaux mondes (bō môNd’)
Origin: 1705-15; French: lit., fine world; beautiful world 


about the blog

Cities are full of inspiring designers, makers, shopkeepers, chefs and entrepreneurs – each making or doing beautiful things. We love bringing you a collection of snapshots and stories about inspiring people and places, as well as life, style and beauty moments. We hope you’ll be inspired by what you see – to discover the beauty in your city, your wardrobe or your home.

A New Look

We're so excited to show you the new look of Beaux Mondes. The blog has evolved over the years both in style and content. Today we're doing it in a bolder, better and—yes—more beautiful way. That means a more streamlined colour palette; and an improved site layout that lets us highlight our photography and stories. 

At Home: The Bedroom

Condo bedrooms. I often think those who design them have never slept in one. Frosted sliding doors are not the same as windows. Bedrooms should not open up to your kitchen. But alas, modern day condo buildings are designed with quirky layouts. And you have to get creative to make them work! Here's how I styled our apartment size bedroom space.