Behind the blog

Beaux Mondes is a celebration all things beautiful in this world. Whether here in Hamilton or exploring other cities, I love capturing beauty in unexpected places along the way.

Cities are full of inspiring designers, makers, shopkeepers, chefs and entrepreneurs – each making or doing beautiful things. I love bringing you a collection of snapshots and stories about inspiring people and places, as well as life, style and beauty moments. I hope you'll be inspired by what you see – to discover the beauty in your city, your wardrobe or your home.

n. pl. beaux mondes (bō môNd’)
Origin: 1705-15; French: lit., fine world; beautiful world

Stephanie Trendocher

Founder + Content Curator

Stephanie is a marketing and digital content strategist, photographer and the founder of Beaux Mondes. She is also currently Chair for CLiC, the Art Gallery of Hamilton's creative collective. After navigating the online world with Flare and FASHION Magazine back in 2008, she fell in love with blogging and launched the lifestyle blog Beaux Mondes soon after.

Stephanie believes that ideas move cities forward, and loves collaborating on arts, cultural and creative initiatives with inspiring city builders. She volunteers her time on advisory boards including hpoGO at the Hamilton Philarmonic Orchestra, Hamilton HIVE and Tourism Hamilton.

Stephanie has a penchant for Pusha T, Céline and all gold everything.

She splits her time between a modern flat in Toronto and a charming century home in downtown Hamilton.

Stephanie Trendocher, Founder, Beaux Mondes

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