Bread Bar


Buy local. Love your city. Two simple thoughts we stand strongly behind. As regulars at the Hamilton Farmers' Market, we appreciate the hard work of local farmers and enjoy the quality and taste of organic farm fresh produce, fruits and vegetables. At the same time, we welcome with open arms new restaurants and bakeries, especially ones that embrace sustainable and organic practices. Readers, meet Bread Bar.


Jeff Crump, Executive Chef at the Ancaster Mill and Pastry Chef Bettina Schormann are pioneers of the local food movement. It was back in 2006 that the Earth to Table concept was born. The idea is simple: bring the best local ingredients and seasonal produce from farmers to the restaurant’s diners and nourish the community and environment. Under the Earth to Table umbrella are three restaurants, a 100 acre farm, farmers market stall and cookbook. The latest addition to this  growing sutainable union is Bread Bar, an artisan bakery and pizzeria on Locke Street South. This new space allows the owners the opportunity to interact with their customers while supplying artisan goods to the restaurants.


A few weeks ago, Stephanie and her boyfriend were trying to decide on dinner. There's two things Adam really loves: pizza and fresh bread. They decided to try "the new place on Locke." They had heard good things. It was a Sunday night and the place was packed. Not a problem, takeout was an easy solution. Twenty minutes later two pizzas and the heirloom tomato salad were ready to go. House cured bacon, scallions, garlic & goat cheese for one and fontina, mozza, fingerling potato & rosemary for the second. We can try to put into appropriate words how delicious it was, but there's nothing quite like tasting it. "It was freakin awesome." Stephanie bought the cookbook the next day.


After reading the Earth to Table cookbook, you fully appreciate Jeff and Bettina's passion for what they do. Divided by seasons and following their year long farming cycle, the book offers in an approachable how-to guide on local, seasonal and ethical cooking. With features on fellow chefs, farmers, and food producers and interesting spotlights on topics like canning and preserving food, gardening, composting, foraging and farming, their message is easily embraced.


Bread Bar features a delightful assortment of baked goods. Our favourite breads are the oatmeal molasses, milk an honey, and red fife whole wheat sourdough. After Bettina discovered that the use of Red Fife wheat had gone into decline as agriculture became industrialized, she made it her labour of love. With a mission to grow it from the thread of a grain, harvest it, mill it and make bread with it, her story is touching.


We love how refreshing and flavourful the housemade iced tea and lemonade are. There's plenty of other unique benerage options including unlimited in-house filtered water, organic beer, boylan cane sugar cola and an assortment of local wines.


Above seasonal fruit shortbread squares. Below seasonal pumpkin pie with organic ice cream


Bread Bar

258 Locke Street South

Hamilton, ON

L8P 4B9