Brooks Reynolds


Last night Jacklyn and her boyfriend had the pleasure of working with Brooks Reynolds. He's so well respected in the photography world so they both didn't hesitate when he asked. He's exceptionally talented and has worked with Canadian musicians Tegan and Sara, San Sebastian and The Reason among many others.


He was so kind after to give them copies of his two books, Mountains Issue I & II. They're seriously inspiring and we would recommend purchasing both copies.


The photo is based on a poem, The Phone Booth, by Raymond Carver. We shot at this skeezy motel in Burlington just off the water. It's got a sort of dark, broken down, Las Vegas feel to it. We love when you meet someone and you can tell they absolutely love what they do, they're completely passionate and inspired by every thing around them. That is exactly how you feel meeting Brooks. Check out brooks Photography Blog and his wedding blog Vow To Remember.

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