The Laundress


Part of the joy of moving into a new house, is new appliances. Stephanie was happy to leave behind the loud, rumbling, washer and dryer at the loft she lived at (it sounded like a locomotive was coming through the wall, seriously). With the new uber efficient models this is not the case. Despite the number of supposedly "unwashable" type garments in her closet, Stephanie is not a fan of dry cleaning. Actually she kind of loathes it. (Gasp!) When she discovered the multi purpose, eco-minded collection of home cleaning products by The Laundress at Pure, it was love at first sight. But it was after reading on their blog that it is possible to machine wash blazers that she was truely won over.

The laundress

Lindsey Wieber Boyd and Gwen Whiting, co-founders of The Laundress offer unique formulas for every fabric type, from whites, darks, delicates and denim, to wool and cashmere. Having studied fibre science, textile and apparel management at Cornell University, and drawn from their professional experience at Chanel and Ralph Lauren (respectively), the two have a unique breadth of knowledge when it comes to garment care. We love that they continually share laundering tips with their customers through the weekly 'Ask the Experts' blog post. Their Wash and Stain Bars are an effective alternative to removing tricky stains. The Sweater Stones will remove pilling on your favourite knits and even upholstery. Wrinkles, no problem -- a spritz of the Crease Release spray, and you are good to go. And the scents! Our favourite is the cedarwood oil blend with frankincense, spices and citrus.


From their luxe fragrance collaboration with Le Labo, to their new venture with J. Crew, The Laundress is kind of irresistible. For the gentleman in your life, the Denim Detergent is perfect for protecting the colour of your denim, and maintaining its character, while the Collars and Cuffs Stain Bar is great for removing rings around the collar. And after seeing this chic ironing board cover, these wash basins, and adorable clothes pins, we feel compelled to renovate our laundry rooms. Who knew laundry could be so glamorous?