We spent this past Sunday at a Raptors game, eating too much food and dancing in our seats to Drake. We no doubt drew some stares as we made multiple trips to concessions for prime rib sandwiches and funnel cake fries. Afterwards, we headed to The Bay on Queen Street to do some holiday shopping and admire their heritage collection.


Jacklyn's number one item on her holiday wish list is the Hbc point blanket, but after our recent trip her list seems to have expanded to this point sweater, pillows, and umbrella... The Hudson's Bay Company heritage collection is classic and nostalgic. We dream of a cabin inspired den complete with  Hbc canoe paddles and antlers adorning the walls, faux fox fur hats and distressed leather sofas (and an Hbc point throw of course).


The heritage collection is full of gift ideas. This artisinal granulated maple sugar and classic maple syrup from Ninutik are the perfect gift for a colleague or as a host/hostess gift.


This Gardenia candle comes in this gorgeous case and has a subtle masculine scent. The Blanket Book (below) is one of our favorites, as it offers a detailed look at Canadian fur traders and the rich history of our homeland. And while we loved everything throughout the heritage shop, our hearts are still set on the hooded Smythe swing coat. Dear Hudson's Bay Company, please rerelease!