Thank you cards, and gratitude in general is so important. Receiving a thank you note via e-mail, text, or even in person is wonderful but doesn't have the same effect as getting that surprise letter in the mail. Who doesn't love getting mail (when its not bills)? Stephanie found this lovely box set of cards with matching lined envelopes (below) by Kate Spade and knew Jacklyn would adore them. They are blank so the message can be personalized for any occasion


We can admit, we're not perfect (shocking, we know) it feels like every time you sit down to write just a little note you`re constantly thinking about your handwriting, spelling mistakes, what to say. It's overwhelming! Tip: Picture your Mum standing behind you making you write your Granny a letter thanking her for the Polly Pockets this Christmas and you`ll get through it.

Jacklyn has one friend in particular who is always thoughtful to send little personalized cards with funny drawings. Of course she has the most perfect printing (we're trying to get over our handwriting insecurities over here). The cards shes been sending recently are so cute. Marc Johns does drawings found on these cards, and has prints and a book available -- we`ve become quite obsessed with his work. Seriously, check out his blog, you really get a feel for who he really is. Mark says, "After taking these picture [of the prints], we both decided that if this art thing doesn't work out, we might have a future working on Restoration Hardware or Anthropologie catalogs."


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