Holiday Greetings


There's something feel good about receiving greeting cards in the mail. We love coming home throughout the month of December and checking our mailboxes. Chances are a Christmas card or two will be there waiting. In the age of social media, its refreshing when someone takes the time to personally write a card and mail it out. We especially love including a thoughtful handwritten note. We can't help but be selective when it comes to choosing cards. Cards are reflective of an individual's taste. There's an elegance to heavy cardstock and cotton stationery and envelopes. For that reason we love Crane & Co. With a rich heritage (used by Paul Revere, Eleanor Roosevelt), writing on Crane & Co. stationery marks your own place in history.


Stephanie bought these cards from their Kate Spade Paper collection. Both charming and witty, the cards are designed in signature Kate style. These jolly green engraved holiday cards express the sentiment in eight different languages. And she couldn't resist picking up these fluorescent pink cards as well. Lasercut into the front, the card reads 'cheers'. With a bright and bold message on the inside, what better way to send best wishes for the new year?



Of course its important to have a number of cards on hand. We like to have a few different options. Plus we're mindful of mistakes and sloppy penmanship (we're still perfecting ours.. we need calligraphy lessons or something). These Christmas cards by Galison New York are festive and sure to add some holiday cheer to a colleague's day.


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