Mixed Media


"I sell the most paper when it rains," said Mixed Media co-owner Dave Kuruc. And its a statement that rings so true. Of the many times we've had the sudden urge to buy speciality paper it always seems to be torrential downpour outside. Mixed Media is the first shop that comes to mind when you think of James Street North. With its hardwood floors, original tin ceilings and exposed brick beams (characteristics of buildings in the city), the art supply and paper shop resides in a century-old building on the corner of James Street North and Cannon Street. "Teresa and I first opened in rented premises at 174 right across from The Print Studio," explained Dave, "Back then you could count on one hand the art spaces that were located here." Five years later, and a lot has happened since.

As catalysts behind the revitalization of the James Street North neighbourhood, Dave and Teresa Kuruc are two of the kindest and most eloquent shop owners you will ever encounter. We often make visits to pick up Moleskine notebooks (there's nothing better) and copies of Worn Journal and Bust (is anyone in love with that Sofia Coppola issue the way we are?)


Dave contributes so much to Hamilton, and his knowledge of the City is unreal. In addition to the shop, he uses the space to feature a local artist each month. And he's also the publisher of H Mag. Don't all rush there to ask him to fill you in on his worldly knowledge, but he's definitely helped us on many occasions -- pointing us in the right directions in our D.I.Y. dilemmas.


As one of the founders of the monthly Art Crawl, he's seen the event grow from humble beginnings. Does anyone remember the Art Bus? We do. For his latest campaign, Dave is encouraging local artists and yarn lovers to "yarn bomb", or decorate the neighbourhood with knitted and embroidered creations. Check out the photos on Love It A Lot. The idea came to him following the success of weekly knitting nights that local crafter Elizabeth Simpson hosts at The Brain.


The selection of greeting cards is amazing. Much of the art work throughout Jacklyn's home has been aquired from Mixed Media. One of her favorite pen and inks drawn by a local artist, as well as many prints and quirky cards placed in an arrangement of vintage frames gives Jacklyn's apartment much of its charm. And how can we not rave about the selection of magazines! "Magazine are a guilty pleasure of mine. We try to stock titles not easily found in Hamilton," said Dave, "Spacing is favourite of mine for sure and I try to read Readymade when it comes in." Stephanie stops in frequently to pick up the latest edition of Bad Day, Anthology and Juxtapoz.


Specializing in arts and printmaking supplies, the shop offers a unique selection of paint, paper, pastels, and well you name it, and Dave stocks it. We love the Lamy fountain pens and the gorgeous handmade paper by St. Armand Papetiers.

"My background is graphic design and I'm constantly in search of new and interesting design jobs," explained Dave, " You'll see a lot of Hamilton in my work, just another way I show my love towards this city."


Mixed Media

154 James St. N.

Hamilton, ON

L8R 2K7