crème de la crème


We're absolute suckers when it comes to pretty things. When we found these soaps and hand creams we fell entirely in love with their distinct, luxurious designs. They can make any powder room look fresh and sophisticated. We're also devotee Oprah aficionados and stand behind her belief that you should "use your good stuff"--these aren't your grandma's soaps people. Use them!

Daub & Bauble's Arriba Cacao & Spice hand lotion is our favourite of the four unique scents. Notes of cacao beans, a hint of curry, cardamom and chili pepper make up this scrumptious fragrance. While we love that Daub & Bauble's hand lotion is made with naturally derived ingredients like grapeseed oil and avacado butter, its the packaging that really caught our eye. Designed by Wink, these beautiful bottles feature limited edition prints with a new pattern for each reprint of the labels. Shop the collection online at

Love & Toast's Pomme Poivre hand cream comes in the sweetest packaging and its no wonder. Margot Elena of beauty brands Lollia and ToykoMilk is the creative mind behind the designs. Not only do the boxes feature lovely drawings but the paperboard is recyclable and the designs use vegetable based inks. Plus as huge supporters of going au naturel, the hand creams are paraben free and enriched with organic olive, hemp and jojoba seed oils.

A personal favourite, Lucia organic shea butter individually wrapped guest soaps allure with posh scents like sea watercress and chai tea, thyme flower and coriander, and tea leaf and wild honey. Find them online at or visit Pure Home Couture to see the full collection of soaps and candles.