Tucker Plus


Stephanie's grandmother Stella was a book typist (or 'typewriter' as it was known). The show Mad Men certainly reminds that in this period, it was popular for women to establish a career in this field. Inspired by her grandmother, Stephanie acquired a typewriter from a yard sale as a child and found the lure of the typewriter so appealing. Accuracy was prized, as there was no room for error - no backspace key, no spell check. She would sit at her desk, dream up stories and type them up.

There is something nostalgic about the typewriter. We've often visioned a wedding where instead of signing a guest book, guests type their names on an elegant scroll using a vintage typewriter.


Pat Lisson, the present owner of Tucker Plus is a woman not unlike Stephanie's grandmother. Mr. Tucker, a bachelor, started the store in 1930 at the Lister Block Building. She worked for him until he passed and has owned the John Street store since 1978.


This Oliver typewriter was the first of its kind because the keys type downward, and the text is actually visible to the typist. Almost 100 years old, manufactured in Chicago -- this priceless piece retails for $250.00 with repairs, and would add distinct character to any room as decor, or for functional use. Ribbons are $8.00.


This is an original Remington portable, the keys fold into the unit as to create a thinner more versatile typewriter. It retails for $150.00 with repairs.


Throughout the shop you will find a collection of books that undoubtedly took many years to acquire. Most were gifts, and inscriptions can be found on their front pages noting dates like "Christmas 1940" You'll also find there is no shortage of copies of Orwell, Eliot, Dickens, Huxley, D.H. Lawrence, Joyce and Kingsley. If you're looking to fill your vintage bookshelf with classics, this is the place to begin your search. 


Throughout the shop you'll find antique collectibles and furniture, alongside new calligraphy pens and Tucker lamy fountain pens. Tucker Stamps is one of Hamilton's best kept secrets. Pat Lisson is a classic lady who doesn't "have anything new" and works because she enjoys it. We can only hope to be so lucky.


Along with standardized stamps are wonderful Notary Seal Embossing Stamps.


When you visit Tucker Stamps be sure to tell Pat the Beaux Mondes girls sent you -- but don't try explaining the detailed functions of a blog.

Tucker Plus

159 John St. South

(905) 522-9252