Peacock Chic Boutique (pt. 2)


We couldn't leave the post for Peacock Chic Boutique at just the storefront itself, so we included these photos to show the amazing finds that Stephanie took home.

Thrifting is often best when you have an idea in mind of what your looking for. Two things she has been on the hunt for are a leather skirt inspired by Celine's Fall 2010 collection and leather shorts. Its challenging enough to find skirts that fit properly but this vintage leather skirt from Peacock Chic Boutique fits like a glove.






While the only leather shorts at the boutique were a size ten, these vintage suede ones were equally amazing. The length of the shorts is almost to the knee, but rolled up and with the high waist and pleats, they look very Chloé.


This vintage Givenchy necklace was the best find of all. We got so excited when Diti pulled this out of the case.