AJ's Ice Cream


AJ's Ice Cream is our favourite place to pop in for a cold treat on a summer evening. Owned by Jessica Marion and Alyssa Newton, this new ice cream parlour specializes in homemade, all-natural, allergen free ice cream. The Strawberry Banana Coconut sugar free ice cream (featured above) is delicious. Sweetened with agave nectar - the same ingredient used to make tequila, its a healthy alternative to Splenda or sugar substitutes.

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In addition to the ice cream, AJ's also features fair trade, organic coffee and tea. With coffees like Volcanic Magic, Red Sea and Rainforest Organic and tea selections including organic rose and vanilla chamomile, mojito mint green, and coconut chai, your choices for warm beverages are as unique as the ice cream flavours.


There are several vegan options to choose from. On this particular day we sampled over half the selection and you really cannot tell a difference -- they were all yummy. One of our favourite vegan options is the Chocolate Fudge Ripple, made with dairy gluten nut, vegan chocolate cookie, vegan chocolate sauce and arguably the best vegan milk So Nice (Jacklyn particularly loves the strawberry flavour with Cheerios).

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Stephanie stocks her freezer with fruit sorbets, so this flavour was an obvious favourite. Made with fresh Ontario strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, this flavour had the texture and taste of fruit jam. We admire how the girls seek out local ingredients and never compromise. We think that shopping local is so important. These girls are a great example of how you can make that possible.

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AJ's Ice Cream
172 King Street West
Hamilton, ON
(905) 807-3562