Do's for Guests


While a lady never discusses money, we will discuss the etiquette of a monetary gift - and what is appropriate to bring when you're a guest at a wedding. While you should always respect the couple's registry, it is often acceptable to simply bring cash to help the couple in their future. To us, there is something unsettling about a Hallmark card filled with Mackenzie Kings that simply says "Congrats".


Take the time to do something personal. It doesn't have to be grand, and can vary depending on your relationship with the couple. Jacklyn found these Don'ts for Husbands and Don'ts for Wives books that were written by Blanche Ebbutt in 1913 from Mixed Media -- they're filled with charming relationship advice.


Wrap a simple bow around your gift and include the card. Last summer Jacklyn's boyfriend gave their drummer and his bride his and hers drum sticks (hers were pink) wrapped with a bow fastened to the card. A simple gesture that says you didn't just pick this crummy card up at the corner store en route.


For a more personal touch, include old family photos, or a touching letter for the couple. Don't be afraid of sounding cheesy. It's better to look like you put in more effort, than none at all.