I say vase, you say vase


We adore flowers. A trip to the market never seems complete without picking up a bunch. On a rainy day it's the perfect thing to do. We're always amazed at people who know the names of different varieties -- a feat we're trying to tackle.


Having a variety of vase options on hand is important. When you receive flowers for birthdays or graduations, you want to be able to graciously accept and display your flowers with your guest present. No one wants to see their gift thrown aside or put into a drinking glass.  


Vases don't have to be expensive. Jacklyn particularly loves Mason jars for daisies. It gives a sort of country, eclectic feel. Perfect for bathroom counter-tops or window sills.


Jacklyn picked up both the black and white, and black floral vases at the Discount Emporium on Locke. Even a simple flower can add a lot of drama with these pieces.