Citizen Kid


From the outside Citizen Kid fits right in with the chic new stores popping up around Locke Street. Only the inside is not filled with gourmet coffee, chocolate, cheese or antiques -- rather the most environmentally friendly, high quality, and back-to-basic toys from all over the world.


When you enter the shop expect to see glowing, expecting mums and kids ogling over toys around every corner. As girls in our early twenties, some of our friends are starting to have babies (OMG!) It's definitely new to us, but also exciting because of the loads of gifts we can buy for the little ones. 


Stephanie loves the original Green Toys line. Made from recycled plastic milk containers, you'll find everything from tool sets to jump ropes (featured above). When Stephanie's friend Allison was hosting a birthday party for her two year old, Stephanie knew the recycled tea set would be the perfect gift. 


One thing we have learned about gifts for newborns is to actually consider buying gifts "for later". Your friends will be bombarded with things for a 1-8 month old, so consider choosing toys and books designed for toddlers, something the child can grow into. Stephanie bought an alphabet abacus detailed with whimsical illustrations for her friend's daughter. Made of natural maple wood and painted with soy ink, this toy from the Hape Educo collection is environmentally conscious, educational and timeless.


The Ringley teething cloth is a must for new mums. This Canadian natual teether uses untreated Maple wood and 100% organic cotton terrycloth. When we were in the shop two different expecting parents purchased Sophie and we learned that it's one of the most popular baby toys in the world. And just look at this carrying case


The store itself is gorgeous. The renovation was extensive but well worth it. The huge windows, exposed brick wall, and quality design add to the rich, clean feeling you get while you're there. The thought and effort is seen throughout -- not only in the design of the store, but in the thoughtful decision making that is so evident when the toys are chosen.


One of our favorite pieces in the store is this Plan Toys dollhouse. It's crafted in Thailand from hardwood harvested from retired rubber trees. Plan toys implements makes their toys as environmentally friendly as possible.


Can we just have these for ourselves? Puppet show, yes please!


We love the idea of Clementine Art's natural paint, modeling dough and markers. Both non-toxic and certified environmentally friendly, the pretty packaging is also made of 100% post consumer recycled and resuable material.


Painting a babies nails with regular Essie or OPI seems...wrong. so Jacklyn flipped when we saw these "Piggie Paint" nail polishes. They're odorless, hypoallergenic and water-based. Too cute.  


Manners flash cards!!! You know how we feel about etiquette, so we can't contain ourselves when we look at these. Also available here.


When we were in the shop there was a boy playing with this spy camera. Mirrors inside allow you to see around corners, reminds us of one of Jacklyn's favorite childhood books.


Citizen Kid

188 Locke Street South

Hamilton, ON L8P 4B3

(905) 963-1265