Pangea Organics


Stephanie loves these organic bar soaps handcrafted by Pangea Organics. With whole raw plant botanicals and steam-distilled essential oils, she finds these soaps are the best way to awaken the senses when you're on the go early in the morning. The Canadian Pine with White Sage scent is a personal favourite -- the aroma is fresh and elevating, and the pine needles offer natural exfoliation. (Her boyfriends calls it the cactus soap!). Also lovely is the Indian Green Tea scent with Mint and Rose Petals.


We admire Pangea's organic farming and fair trade practices. Their attention to sustainable practices is seen through and through. Even the packaging is environmentally responsible. With seeds embedded in the fibres, the outer cartons of the bar soaps are plantable. Simply wet the outer carton, plant in one inch of soil and soon you'll be enjoying herbs like sweet basil or even a lovely spruce tree!

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