Fall Fresh


We've been rushing around like crazy with new jobs, boyfriends going on tour, online college courses, puppy training classes and new houses. We're not summer girls, so we're happy that it's fall weather, which means it's time to layer and be cozy. We don't know about you, but after being in school for what seems like a ka-jillion years, it always feels September is the start of something new. What better way to feel inspired than by surrounding yourself with art and nice workspace.

Jacklyn has been visioning what this office room in the front of her apartment could look like since last September. She finally got around to doing something with it the past few weeks. Before pictures would have been too embarrassing. There was an old desk and a spare bed that was frequently occupied by friends who had a few too many bevi's if you know what I mean.


The frames are a mixture of Ikea and thrifted. She wanted to do the office a little more modern than the rest of her apartment, but still have an eclectic feel so mixing new and old made it work. The prints were purchased from White Elephant. And the blue textured print is from the Spirits album art. The texture is so pretty, so it was cut out and framed.


The Apartment TherapyBig Book of Small Spaces is a must have for any interior design nut.


This beautiful sketch was done by our friend Jason Lee


On a recent market trip Jacklyn had specifically set out for a few Hydrangeas and found these sad looking mangey two. Picking them up at a discount price she was told that soaking them over night in warm water, and clipping the ends can actually restore the life into the thirsty flower. It worked! After one night of letting them soak they looked full and beautiful, yay!


A collection of personal achievements, a simple black desk and Jacklyn's favourite blue chair from HomeSense makes the room personal and complete. It's not overly girly and has an eclectic worldly sort of feel. More of the room to come...


The black and white pen and ink sketch and matting paper was all purchased from Mixed Media and the paper basket is from Pier 1. The other art is all from Phoenix album art that came in a fun pizza box filled with prints of their Jam Space.  

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