Puppy Love


We're always excited to find new shops popping up, and when we saw there was a dog boutique opening on Locke we thought it was the perfect addition to the neighbourhood. "I loved the eclectic, little, privately owned shops. They each have their own unique offerings, carefully chosen by their passionate owners," said owner Linda Millman. As dog owners, it's fun to spoil and pamper your pup.  Woofies Boutique and is the perfect place to get everything you need while avoiding big box stores. The shop features a number of local and Canadian owned accessories for your canine friend. Home made custom dog collars and coats by Warm Wags, harnesses and collars by Buddy Belts, and the most stunning dog collars by Ancaster company Hartman and Rose.


After breeding and judging dog shows for the past 17 years you wont meet anyone more qualified, knowledgeable or sweeter than Linda. Winning ribbons hang proudly on the shop walls, and we loved to hear her stories. "I have had the pleasure of judging in New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Japan and all over North America," said Linda, " and I love to watch Westminster Dog show which is held in February of each year at Madison Square Garden in New York City. "


Linda features customizable dog beds from Bowsers in Toronto, with a variety of gorgeous fabrics for your home. We love the idea of plush dog beds that don't create an eyesore for your living room. The concept is smart, and with an amazing selection of fabrics to choose from, we can't wait to replace the lived in (or loved) dog beds we both have at home for our pets.

Dog biscuits from London based Bosco & Roxy and The Barkery in Stratford are seasonally appropriate and dogs love them. Perfect for puppy parties! We also love Up Country for its organic treats and cute packaging. We're always interested to hear expert opinions on natural dog foods or holistic options. To this Linda explained "I find some big brands have too much grain filler and are very high in protein. I personally like companies that have moved to holistic ingredients and cater to dogs with special needs such as wheat amd gluten free foods." And raw diets? "This alternative is also excellent as long as the diet is balanced" said Linda.


Woofies Barkery N' Boutique
141 Locke St.