Locke Street Bakery


Waiting in the drive-thru before work at Tim's is not for us. One of our favourite things to do is drop by the Locke Street Bakery on a Saturday and pick up a dozen freshly baked bagels. When we think of Locke Street we think of the family owned bakery; its the heart of the neighbourhood. The bakery has a warm, inviting atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and inclined to visit again and again. And it all stems from the friendly demeanor of owner Peter Giorgini and his staff. A tribute to the late Lou Falco, past co-owner hangs on the wall. Regulars at the bakery fondly remember him for his sincere kindness and presence in the community. And Peter ensures this is carried on.


Of course everyone who visits the bakery has a regular order. For Stephanie its a cinnamon sugar bagel, toasted with extra butter (seriously its like no other). She loves to bring them to work. At $7.75 for a bakers dozen your saving a pretty penny compared to buying one each morning before work. For Jacklyn, its an onion & garlic bagel dressed into a veggie sandwich. The bagels from this bakery have a specific taste and texture attributed to the baking process. Boiled first to lock in the freshness and then baked on special cedar boards, this gives their bagels a shiny, hard exterior and soft centre. If the cinnamon sugar bagel is a sweetness overload for you, we suggest you try the whole wheat honey flax as a healthier alternative.


But there's more to the bakery than just bagels. They are known for their artisan breads and speciality cream cheeses (apricot & honey is SO good). And grilled paninis, gourmet pizzas and salads are a welcome addition to the menu. We love the turkey and camembert sandwich and the maple balsamic pecan salad.


We're always charmed when we visit the bakery to see people reading the newspaper and drinking their morning brew, or sitting outside on the benches in the summer with their canine friends. From espresso to lattes, theres a wide assortment of hot beverages. Caramel white chocolate truffle latte? Yum. And in the summer you can get your fave latte as a chiller.  


Locke Street Bakery & Bagel Cafe

202 Locke Street South

Hamilton, ON

(905) 308-8245