Hamilton Public Library


We love the downtown, and the Hamilton Central Public Library's new look is certainly reflective of its changing dynamic. We visited the library last weekend to see its revitalization and were blown away. We can admit we're serious bookworms. Summer reading clubs.. we eagerly joined them as kids. We love the smell of old books and we definitely appreciate old school charm. But while the library boasts a rich history, pre-renovation it wasn't exactly inviting or charming. The new space is gorgeous, welcoming, and hands down the best thing to happen in the city right now. Be sure to stop by and see for yourself. This floor to ceiling garden showcased in the entrance makes quite the first impression.


The architects at david premi Architects inc. did an incredible job. We would be hard pressed to figure out how to transform all the existing concrete. But they fully embraced it, complimenting the polished concrete floors with stainless steel, contemporary furnishings, visual art, media displays and glass, glass and more glass. With its open concept design and glass walls, the space is flooded with natural light. And it serves a dual function. The windows that wrap around York Blvd. reflect the buildings and street scape; and from the street level, passersby are drawn into the space as you can see all the ongoing activity. And boy it is busy. With free Wi-Fi and 50 computer stations right at the entrance, digital catalogue stations and self checkouts, the library is easily accessible and the community is happily embracing the efficient technologies.


Since we live nearby the library was a prime study spot while in university. We would have been far more eager to study had this inspiring space been around then. The lounge area in the front makes for a comfortable, relaxing space. We think its the perfect spot for curling up with a book or magazine on a lazy afternoon. And the fireplace is a great touch.



One of the best features of the new space is how the interior complements the new design of the farmer's market. A glass wall overlooks the market floor and we love the visibility between the two public facilites. We have been eagerly awaiting its opening and can't wait to see the finished results.





We think the returns station is the coolest. The books travel downstairs via the conveyor belt for processing and sorting. Fancy huh?



The children's section is charming and inspiring. Filled with tables for work and play, kids' computers, educational toys, an aquarium and tons and tons of colourful books, its the perfect spot for learning and discovery. We loved that one of the display cases showcased vintage editions of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit storybooks.


We could go on and on about how much we love the new library. It's the perfect community space: bright, welcoming, engaging, cheerful; everything the city needs and one that will be enjoyed by the public. And we cannot wait for the newly designed market to open up beside it. We're counting the days!




Hamilton Public Library
55 York Boulevard
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 4E4