Modern Manners


How Rude! (Remember this clip?) We strongly believe in the fine art of etiquette and manners. Jacklyn picked up these old etiquette books from Antique Avenue on our last visit. They're great not only because they look charming on any coffee table but because they offer some pretty sound advice. Literary Taste: How To Form It explains the importance of understanding literary classics, why a classic is a classic, how to read a classic, and the question of style.

Her favorite of the lot is entitled How to Get Along With People: A Woman's Guide to the World Around Her. She's been finding herself referencing the book as a sort of great aunt. The advice is timeless and has a Biblical feeling. It details issues of failure, expectancy and success. One section entitled 'Nobody Else Defines You' describes a broadway play called Oh Men! Oh Women! and a woman's dilemma of social and cultural customs that cause her to find fulfillment only through others. In the play her husband says to her, "I can provide you with a home, children, good clothes and domestic help, but I can't make you important!" This sentiment holds true for us, and emphasizes our growth as women as we make our own way. The book goes on to talk about the art of good relationships and how to act as a lady with class and grace.


 The Girls Own Magazine is a great conversation starter and beautiful coffee table book. Stories along side the lastest (in its day) fashions are a throwback to conservative lifestyle.


We would love to discuss this private text-book of ailments peculiar to women, but it explicitly states that it is FOR WOMAN ONLY! on the front page.

If you're looking for some tips on modern day manners,  our go-to is Derek Blasberg's Classy; a guide to being a lady not a tramp. And of course no etiquette book collection is complete without Kate Spade's Manners or Derretts' The A-Z of Modern Manners.

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