Jenna Rose


We recently had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Jenna Greenberg at her textile studio in the Sonic Unyon building. After falling in love with her prints awhile back, we were thrilled to find out she was a local artist. When we discovered what a truly stunning work space she has, we just had to share it with you.


Jenna illustrates her designs by hand. "They start of as sketches that are then developed into patterns," explained Jenna as she walked us through the process, "I expose these drawings onto screens for printing." She then hand mixes each colour and screen prints each piece of fabric using non-toxic water based pigments and natural and organic materials. Jenna makes bags, scarves, totes, bins, blankets, tea towels, and our personal favorite--pillows under the name of Jenna Rose.


We thought it was incredibly sweet that Jenna's dog Beau (love the name!) sits by her side as she works everyday. So what is a typical day like for her? "I spend most of my day making", said Jenna, "I screenprint yardage  for part of the day, and as it dries I cut or sew." These days she's spending much of her time on product design and development, which involves researching, drawing, sketching and making samples. "It's the most creative aspect of what I do and its the part of all of it I love the most," Jenna enthused. She received her BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax where she studied textiles and fashion and established her business as soon as she graduated. "Everyday is a learning experience because of that," said Jenna. It's truely inspiring that she has the passion and focus to work independently and found such success at her young age.


Jenna's mother owns a quilt making shop in Guelph, so she's no stranger to the art of sewing. She is incredibly passionate and is constantly drawing, taking photographs and showcasing her daily inspiration on her blog. "I am really attracted to old objects and architecture, trees and anything from nature that I find on trail walks with my husband and dog," explained Jenna, "My prints remain very personal to me because of where the intitial inspiration came from."




Jenna's style is really reflected in her space. We dream of having our own Beaux Mondes office. From the exposed brick to the beaming sunlight, the space is an artist's dream. "There's always a sense of excitement that studios like this are operating in the city", said Jenna, "I sometimes open for the art crawl and the response is always so supportive." We understand why.  Jenna was so grascious to let us explore her space, while giving us insight about flea market hunting and a peak into her charming and oh-so-pretty life.


You can find the Jenna Rose collection at these lovely retailers.

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