Slouchy Trousers

Slouchy trousers. They aren't the easiest to pull off, but they are more socially acceptable to wear than harem pants. Let us take you down memory lane. Remember those drop crotch versions from Marc Jacobs spring 2007 collection? They won us over back then, and have continued to make us swoon each time a designer has refined the style and sent them down the runway since. There was those Balenciaga jodhpurs, Marc Jacobs' baggy leather pants and the big pleated versions he did at Louis Vuitton.  But it was Stefano Pilati who did it right for the spring 2008 Yves Saint Laurent collection. Stephanie flipped when she saw Hanne Gaby Odiele and Kim Noorda sashay down the runway in those slouchy styles. Stephanie fondly remembers wearing silk black harem pants in the past and receiving odd looks from passersby. Which led her to this more tailored style from Zara, and slightly more approving looks.