Fresh Scents


In Stephanie's first year of university she discovered Voluspa candles. They were marked down, so she bought four scents. When she brought them home the fragrances were so lovely, she went back and purchased all the rest. She felt they added a bit of "grown up" style to her apartment. Let's just say our first year of university wasn't yesterday and Stephanie is still loyal to the brand. Made with creamy coconut wax the candles burn clean and last for what seems like forever. With unique scents like white pepper nectarine, cocoa tamarind, vintage tabacco vanilla and Makassar ebony peach, its hard not to become obsessed.

We love their collaboration with Chef James Boyce. The James Boyce Collection by Voluspa is crafted with a new type of wax using organic apricot seed oil. As a unique addition to the collection, they offer a professional kitchen hand scrub in the same fragrances. What we found really unique is the candles both compliment the food you are preparing in the kitchen and remove cooking odours. Plus they come in a gorgeous box made from sustainable Palownia wood. Stephanie favourite scent is Vintage, a blend of brut champagne, almonds and oak. And we love Chef's Special, a crisp, clean combination of heirloom tomatoes, celery and fennel bulbs.


Jacklyn gifted this pretty box of matches from Pure Home Couture to Stephanie. We think these decorative long matches make for a lovely decor piece in a powder room or on a coffee table. And they are a nice accompaniment to hostess gifts like candles.


Since we're suckers for packaging, we couldn't resist showing you the lining of the wood box for the candle. So pretty! Leave it to the creative minds at Voluspa to ensure every last detail is gorgeous.