We love soap, but only the pretty kinds. What fun is there in using a bar of Lever 2000? We've been trying to brainstorm ideas for how to decorate Stephanie's powder room, when Jacklyn came across these soaps by Compagnie de Provence at Pure Home Couture. The colour was perfect inspiration. We're thinking bold wallpaper with pops of red like this. But design ideas aside, these hand-crafted soaps are an elegant accessory in a powder room. Our favourite is Figue. It has a subtle masculine scent, with a blend of fig, cedar, vanilla, hyacinth and anise. The bar is crafted with pure vegetable ingredients and the liquid formula is biodegradable which pleases our eco-coscious hearts. We always favour a clean and simple design, plus we love the recylable glass dispensing jars.


Available at Pure Home Couture