Sinister Vintage


Okay, we're psyched. We're finally able to talk about this and we are so happy to share that there is a new vintage shop at the old 170 King and it is incredible! We were able to sneak a peak (we basically busted down the doors) prior to its opening. The store is the collaboration of our friends Linda Lazar and Dalia Ibrahin and opens today at 11am. The girls are best friends, and share an incredible sense of personal style. Owner Linda paired her business savvy with Dalia's knowledge of true vintage and clothing and have created this mecca of clothing goodness. A few years ago this article came out in Vice Magazine, The Viceland Clothing Buying Guide outlining the best places to buy vintage (mostly in Canada). Let's just say if we were to compile our own vintage guide Sinister Vintage will rival even the best of Montreal and  Toronto.


The pieces you find are all wearable. The experience is not like in many shops where you find yourself drowning in things you would never touch. Linda sources pieces from all over -- New York, Florida, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The girls don't focus so much on labels, but on style and quality. As a vintage clothing buyer for a European boutique, Dalia knows just what to look for. She can date pieces based on the stitching style, zippers and textiles. We love it.


In the neighbouring area of 220 King, the space has been completely rennovated. The dry wall was torn down, bricks exposed and glossed, and the space adorned with simple racks and chandeliers. We're expecting great things for this shop. The girls have kept the entire thing under wraps, it's the best surprise you could ask for on a Monday. Happy shopping!


The shop has a great selection for guys too!


Stop by today for their grand opening!

Sinister Vintage

170 King Street West

Hamilton, ON

L8P 1A6