Music Room


There is a print hanging in Jacklyn's home that she picked up from Mixed Media shortly after moving into her apartment by William Morris that says "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." This is difficult for a guilt filled collector and constant buyer-- but the music space in Jacklyn's home finds the quote to be true. She was lucky to have found the apartment she did, and with some serious TLC, 17 gallons of Artist White Paint (no exageration), and many trips to the hardware store her space has really become home. Arren Williams told us to make friends with wallpaper -- and Jacklyn also learned to make friends with someone who is willing to help you wallpaper.


The opening of the new market means fresh flowers again! These tulips remind us that spring is coming and we couldn't be happier about it.


Jacklyn's Grandfather gave her two sets of deer antlers that she adores. In her failed attempts to find a reasonably priced taxidermist, she just set one pair atop her piano. We saw a similar display at IDS11 at the Style Garage booth with a single antler in the middle of a table and thought it added the perfect touch of Canadiana to a very modern room.


Display collections. Jacklyn didn't want a space that was too masculine or too feminine and feels this room has a good balance between the two. It needed to be spacious enough to accomodate her boyfriend's band and function as a jam space while remaining one of the focal rooms in her home.

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