Philip Sparks


Most people beeline for the free champagne when they first arrive at an event. We headed straight towards the deer print quilt backdrops by Grant Heaps. Stunning, no? We were so mesmerized, we didn't even know what to call them at first -- wall hangings, tapestries. The point is we loved them. And all the other details too: vintage skates, toboggans, snowshoes. The precursor to LG Fashion Week, we (and seemingly ever other blogger, iPhotographer and friend of a friend of a friend) arrived at the Burroughes Building eager to see the Philip Sparks Fall 2011 presentation. And while air kissing isn't our forte, we learned its a necessary skillset in the fashion crowd. Did we mention we loved the clothes?


If you physically saw the show you had incredible luck to be standing where you were. We saw a lot of Blackberrys, point-and-shoots and even the occasional glimpse of a mountain sheep hat. After the presentation, models lined the wall and the crowd swarmed in for a closer look. Comparable to being in a photo pit, we put our elbows and cameras up and in the viewfinder appeared a beautiful thing. Call it Canadiana, call it as you will. It was a collection perfectly suited (!) to our winter weather, making us wish we had one of those mountain sheep collar military parkas this whole season.


As for beauty, we admired the heavy brow, rosy cheeks, and boys as polished (or pretty) as the girls. Fitting too, as we preferred the men's coats. We see ourselves donning those military parkas. And the handknit fisherman sweaters, those too.  With the slim cuts and sharp tailoring, why not.. The cotton sateen dresses, blouses and skirts in a digitalized maple leaf print were sure winners. But while every girl in the building was deciding if she could pull off a bow tie, Jacklyn was being complimented by all the men in the house for wearing her boyfriend's with an oversized blouse.


The Betty Draper-esque silhouette has appeared on many runways in the past couple seasons, but we appreciated that Philip Sparks balanced the housewife look by also showing wool and linen tuxedo jackets (Stephanie's signature) and pleated trousers. After the show we wanted nothing more than to curl up in a log cabin with our mountain sheep mitts wrapped around a mug of hot cocoa. We're certain every person who left the show wanted to go ice skating. What's that? Oh spring, right. We almost forgot about you..