Things We Love


Texture and pattern is our focus in the new edition of Things We Love. We're all about the signature Missoni pattern and colours of this wool throw. Stephanie has one and it adds the perfect splash of colour to her living room. We're also crazy about this hand embroidered Canada pillow from Roots. It makes for a perfect souvenir or a way to add a bit touch of homeland pride to your home.  We discovered GUS* Modern at IDS and agree its the perfect balance of both of our styles -- a bit masculine, a bit modern, and a very much Canadian inspired. While there are a ton of pieces that caught our eye, this Blythe pony cube is a great ottamon and can be used as occasional seating in a small room. Still high off the Philp Sparks show from last week, we just had to include this cherry blossom print jumper from his debut women's collection for spring. We love that the custom print was blown up and out from a photograph Philip took in High Park. And finally, a book with the longest title ever.. A Perfectly Kept House is the  Sign of a Misspent Life. It's so beautiful and inspiring, and tells you not to shy away from displaying collections of things you love. Or as Mary Randolph Carter says "How To Live Creatively With Collections, Clutter, Work, Kids, Pets, Art, Etc.." (that's the other half of the title!)