Apothecary Style Candles


On my recent visit to Pure Home Couture, Steven introduced me to the new candle collection Abby has crafted. I always love the product lines carried at Pure; Steven and Abby have an eye for beautiful things. So I was pretty intrigued that they had ventured into their own line of hand crafted candles. I was immediately drawn to the simple, beautiful packaging. When I first smelled the Sea Salt candle, I sort of drifted away to the shoreline. There was something nostalgic about the earthy, minerally fragrance, reminiscent of summers spent by the beach. I had to have it! But I had to know more too. "I love lighting a new candle, how the experience is right up there with opening a wonderful bottle of wine," says Abby, "Candles to me are life affirming, they bring light and warmth into our home...one of life's small indulgences." Pure already carries a few candle collections including the covetable Hotel Candles. But at $65.00 as Abby mentioned, they are certainly a luxury purchase for most, so she set out to design her own. "I am a maker of things so I read as much as I could, found the best suppliers of raw materials and taught myself," says Abby, "My kitchen has become my makeshift lab."


The candles are poured locally with pure soy wax and are naturally biodegradable. Plus they have a 10% essential oil content. With fifteen unique fragrances like Fig and Cranberry, Florist Atelier and Honey, the candles have a wonderful scent throw, and are exceptionally long and clean burning. "I use essential or fragrance oils, it's very subjective, explains Abby, "Nothing is more memorable than smell, smells detonate softly in our memory like poignant land mines." When I ask Abby her favourite of the scents, she thoughtfully answers, "Just as Napoleon & Josephine loved violets, I think that Violet is my favorite as it was one of the first perfumes and only the wealthiest could afford it. When Joesphine died, Napoleon planted violets at her grave and just before he was exiled he picked some which he entombed in a locket and wore around his neck until the end of his life."  How beautiful is that?


Other favorites are Leather, a masculine scent evocative of the 70's and patchouli; Cut Grass, reminds me of spring days, when the temperature is warm enough to leave a window open and that earthy scent your neighbour's freshly mowed lawn trickles in; and Neroli, that sweet scent of orange blossoms on a hot summer's night. If like Abby, you too find joy in scent, she recommends Diane Ackerman's book, A Natural History of the Senses as your next read.


The packaging is lovely with colours that evoke the fragrance. "I wanted to imprint my dressmakerly mark in the packaging," says Abby, "so I came up with the grossgrain paper ribbons." They are the perfect adornment to the glass jars, and make them the perfect gift.


$22, available at Pure Home Couture

Pure Home Couture

174 Locke Street South

Hamilton, ON

L8P 4A9