Bonne Fête!


It's hard to believe it has been one year already. When we first started Beaux Mondes, we weren't sure how it was going to take shape or if anyone would even read it. We just knew we wanted to share with you the things we love, places we go and people we admire. So we picked up our cameras and gave it a go. To us, every person, place and thing has a story worth telling. We wanted to tell stories of the present, both visually and in words, while peeling back and revealing the layers of the past.

Beaux Mondes grew from our love of our city. It too, grew from our shared love of magazines, fashion, books, film, design, art, architecture, kitschy collections, nostalgia, memories, traditions, the old, the familiar and the forgotten. It's been difficult to define exactly what Beaux Mondes is. We're not critics, or journalists who do reviews. We're simply writers of love letters. We believe in living local and supporting homegrown talent. And we aim to inspire you to live local and in style wherever local is for you.

Literally translated Beaux Mondes means beautiful world. It's fitting that right now we are in different countries finding beauty and telling our stories of the foreign and familiar, the new and the old. We too, share a sense of wanderlust and restlessness. The past year has been one of discovery. We've met so many incredible people and stumbled upon amazing places. And we're excited to continue to do so.

Now that we've got all sappy on you, we just wanted to say how thankful we are for all the friends we've made, everyone who has supported us along away, and all who inspire us daily by pursuing your passion and talents. It's been an amazing year.


When Jacklyn returns we have plans to celebrate the year with our friends, but for now we're taking in all the great moments we've shared and reflecting on all that we have learned. Jacklyn visited the Seine to commemorate her love for the blog. Cheesy, I know but the past year has truly been the best. Rather than commemorating the love of another,  this was a way to express the happiness Beaux Mondes has brought to us. We have great plans for the future, this is only the beginning. So like the thousands of lovers from around the globe who travel to add their own testimony, be it for someone or some thing, Beaux Mondes now has a place above the Seine.