Shakespeare & Co.


I love reading. But I also love books. Libraries are incredible but I love the feeling of looking at a tangible collection of everything I've read, I can go back and re-read them -- like visiting an old friend. Walking along the Sceine you'll find Les Bouquinstes, book stalls as far as the eye can see, the only problem is I haven't mastered French so finding an English book store in Paris was really important to me.


Shakespeare and Company was opened in 1951, and from the looks of it is just another book store. But when you enter you become overwhelmed by the detail, history, and alcoves filled with books, passages and letter left behind my wondering travellers. Poets and writers sit outside scribbling thoughts in their notebooks and the shop keepers discuss authors and explain understandings lost in language barrior literary translation. The bookstore combines three stores and three apartments. Owner George Whitman describes his shop with such love. With over half a century as a bookseller in Paris he says, "It all seems like a never ending play by William Shakespeare where the the Romeos and Juliets are forever young."