La vie parisienne


When I was leaving for Paris two months ago everyone was asking what I would pack. As we all know, Paris is the fashion capital of the world. I imagined I would see women dressed like Carolina Engman and guys like Bryan Boy, but I was overwhelmed with the understated, muted, and conservative style of Parisian women. Trends do peak through, and there is no shortage of Miu Miu, Prada, and Longchamp but style is effortless and reminiscent of Garance Doré.  Parisian women have this way about them that says, I just woke up this way (though I'm not buying it). Unfortunately I haven't quite mastered the messy look. I need a blow dryer. It reminds me of a blog Garance Doré wrote about when she first started living in New York, and where she noticed that "apart from it’s gigantitude and the noise," all the girls have perfectly manicured nails." While I do not live in New York, I'm no stranger to a bi-weekly mani-pedi and really I can't hide it. I am the opposite of this. What does it take for a girl to get some caffeine around here?!


But enough with the comparisons and complaints, Paris is a dream. This weekend I wore my yarn-dyed striped maxi dress that Amanda Moss, the designer of the beautiful Canadian brand Covet sent me. The fabric is incredible, it breathes enough to wear to the beach or on a hot day, but is heavy enough to wear into the night. I love the detail on the top, it has quickly become one of my go-to pieces for summer. I paired it with my shawl cardigan from American Apparel to cover up.


I walked to Maison Georges Larnicol to pick up some French macarons for an impromptu picnic along the Seine with a friend. Chocolatiers are on every street but finding the right macaron is difficult. Sometimes the texture isn't right or the flavour can be completely off, but these were incredible. The shop is filled with sculptures made entirely of chocolate and samples galore!


Unfortunately, a couple got a little crushed on the way but I enjoyed them nonetheless. Remember how I said pie is the new cupcake? Macarons are the new pie. Business idea -- macaron and candy shop (you're welcome)... Stephanie and I will be first in line. Or maybe we'll start one? But in the meantime, I'm off to spend way too much money on a manicure before heading to  Fête de la Musique.