I have been in Paris for the past month and it has been an incredible experience. The city is beautiful and aside from some major cultural differences and the language barrier, I have learned the Metro, occupied two apartments, had and left a job and seen some incredible concerts -- hardly a holiday, but fun nonetheless. I visited Assouline, a book shop famously located on Rue Bonaparte, the same neighbourhood where you'll find Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Pierre Hermé. Assouline is a dream spot for book collectors like ourselves.


Stephanie and I often have long talks dreaming of our perfect shop (where it would be, how we would decorate, what we would sell..) All girliness aside, Assouline is perfect. A mecca of style books, floor to ceiling, this is a dream library.


Aside from the beautiful books, Assouline carries luxury paper, note cards, and carrying cases all designed with the highest level of quality. The French heed the expression "savoir vivre" which translated literally means knowing how to live.  Value is placed on things that enrich one's life, not price or brand, but by the things aquired through travel and relationships.


I absolutely love art sitting on the floor, leaning casually as if it is waiting to be hung. The decor manages to be masculine by infusing elements of wood, leather, fur and tusk. 


Love this gorgeous portable Assouline library by Coach.



35 Rue Bonaparte

75006 Paris, France