Ancaster Farmers Market


One of my fond memories as a kid, was making trips out to Winona to pick strawberries with my mom. And visiting the Italian man down the street who sold fresh vegetables from his garden from a stand beside his house. I feel good knowing where my food is coming from, and I love getting to know the families behind our local farms. Though I'm soon to be leaving Ancaster, the Ancaster Farmers Market has been my absolute favourite thing about living up here. Nestled among trees in the old town, local farmers and vendors gather every Wednesday afternoon with their freshly picked local produce, herbs, cheese, artisan bread, baked goods, handmade soaps, flowers, and coffee. Writing Beaux Mondes has given us the opportunity to be out there and involved in the community, so we especially love visiting local markets since they provide the perfect opportunity to meet inspiring people in a collective setting. The market is so inviting. And I cannot resist animals, so it always makes me smile to see Benny the goat or Frankie the bunny at the entrance. 


There's a unique variety of vendors at the market. Black Walnut Lane offers locally raised lamb and beef, and are stationed next to The Boar and Chick who specialize in wild boar, rabbit and chicken. Fenwood Farms is another local favourite who provide organic and naturally raised chicken and beef. Teal's has been around since 1915 which is incredible, and produce hand-made sausage using a secret family recipe.


One of my favourite vendors is Josie Rudderham and Nicole Sherman's artisan bakery Cake + Loaf. I love their cakes and pies, and the maple apple galette is the most delicious pastry I've ever had. And I think everyone else agrees, because they sell out fast. I quickly learned its best to put my order in ahead of time They even offer a CSB programme where you can sign up to receive a weekly basket available for pick-up or delivery to your home. Since I'm moving back to the West end, I'm especially excited for their storefront opening on Dundurn. Cake + Loaf shares a stall with Hero Mobile Cafe who carry freshly roasted coffee beans. I will be certain to bring some home next time for our espresso machine.


I love peonies, and La Primavera Farms sell beautiful wild bunches of flowers that brighten my day.


Berry Fresh Farms is known for their soft fruits and apples, and even donated strawberries for the kids freezer jam session hosted by From These Roots last month. I picked up a strawberry basil blossom salsa and I'm definitely going to try the black currant wild violet jam or Ontario bumbleberry flavour. Delish!


There's so many other wonderful vendors I love including Drummond Farm who offers fresh apples and apple cider, Shriner's Creek Kettle Popcorn which had been a big hit, oganic vegetables from Heart's Content Farmstead, and Jensen Cheese who is the go-to for the new food truck Gorilla Cheese. I could go on and on, so just take a look at the full vendor list here.


ManoRun Organic Farm from Copetown offer shares, or a season's worth of fresh produce. After purchasing your share, which is usually for about 20 weeks, a basket of veggies will be available for you weekly either at the market or by delivery to your home. ManoRun also offers in season food demos and even school trips to give students the full farm experience learning everything from sustainable agriculture to soil nutrition. Wheat berries are a delicious grain. I found this fresh summery recipe for a wheat berry and red fruit salad.


Being in Hamilton we're fortunate to be surrounded by a number of great farmers markets including Locke Street, Ottawa Street, Hamilton Mountain and Dundas. For a complete list of farmers markets, and to find one near you, check here.


Ancaster Farmers Market

272 Wilson Street East

Ancaster, Ontario

L9G 2B9