Snow Day


Winter arrived today. Right after my rose bushes started budding under the assumption spring was on its way. I was looking at my garden earlier this week when I noticed new sprouts in the ground and buds on the shrubbery. What a contrast they are now against the snow.


I tossed on a touque and took Phoenix out in the backyard to play. He sat for a while on the deck staring in sort of awe of the snowflakes. With the mild weather all season, we were just as mystified. On a side note, I love how pink his nose turns when its chilly out. Precious or what?


We live right in the heart of Durand and are lucky to be on streets lined with mature trees that arch over the road. And with the snow capped roofs on all the Victorian houses, it looked like a winter wonderland outside.


We can't think of anything more fitting for a Canadian winter day than The Pillow Boot. Our moms wore them way back when. We're wearing them now. They are a classic. Cougar produced a limited edition run of these for the winter season. And we love them.

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