Canadian Everyday


Winter is winding down (did it ever arrive?) Anyways, on days when its chilly out there's no better way to spend an afternoon than with a hot cup of tea and a pile of magazines. We love these cheeky porcelain mugs by Toronto based designer Wendy Tancock. We picked these up at the Shop at AGH around Christmas time. With funny sayings like "The Canadian flag is the hardest *@#& flag to draw", how can they not make you smile? You can also find her Canadian Hero and Canadian Everyday card series at The AGH. Take a look at Wendy's blog to see her latest designs. She pokes fun at iconic imagery and Canadiana themes like the name for a case of beer "two-four", poutine and the Tim Hortons double double. 

Plaid copy

We got this delicious apple cider tea by The Republic of Tea and its seriously yummy. There's bits of apple, orange peel, rose hip and berry leaves in each tea bag as well as cinnamon, cloves and cardamom seed to give it that spicy flavour. A cup of this, an HBC blanket and you'll be all snug and cozy on a cold(ish) winter day.


This makes us giggle everytime we go to have a sip of tea. 

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