TH&B Collective

The Mill gallery space on the third floor of 270 Sherman makes quite the impression on its own. Fill it with the works of TH&B Collective and it's kind of mesmerizing. Hundreds of people showed up to the opening in April, ourselves included. When a bus shows up with art students from OCAD, you know its going to be great. As a follow up to the original exhibition back in 2008, TH&B2 highlights 18 artist projects that address the context of the unoccupied third floor of 270 Sherman, a historic textile mill located in the industrial sector of Hamilton. TH&B (named after the inoperative railway that once serviced the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo corridor) aims to reconnect artists working along the borders of these cities and foster the development and exchange of ideas, art and culture amongst them. As a rail junkie, I think this artist collective is super cool. The closing performances are this Saturday, so if you haven't had a chance to take in the exhibition, take our word for it and go.

Textile production was one of the larger industries in Hamilton, second to only the steel mills in the early 20th century. That being said, we were kind of spellbound by Janet Morton's mixed media installation emissions/ omissions with the textile overlay on the factory mill and the floral emissions (above). 

Above, Torqued DC-3, installation by Niall Donaghy 

For this installation, Dave Hind and the Aluminum Quilting Society salvaged aluminum, windows and rivets to create Cottage Industrious, a functional 10'x14' cabin. Using reclaimed metals, he layers them to create textural and colourful mosaics like the one featured on the cabin (above). You may recognize the image referenced from a 1950's Life Magazine photo.

Above, Open Ended, video and mixed media installation by Vessna Perunovich

Above, Phosphorescence, sculpture by Susan Detwiler

Constructed from ordinary materials like cornerboard and coffee cup lids, Pylon is Ivan Jurakic's interpretation of the transmission tower within the urbanized landscape. It's only up close that you realize the fragility of the materials that form the lattice.

Have you seen the exhibit? Let us know what your favourite art project is at TH&B2. Between the Art Crawl, West Hamilton Artist Tour and the closing performances of TH&B2, this weekend promises to be a great one for art enthusiasts in the city. You'll be sure to see us around!


270 Sherman Avenue North

3rd Floor

Hamilton, ON

L8L 6N4