Butter Avenue


Last night a good friend of ours surprised me at work with two beautiful boxes of macarons from Butter Avenue in Toronto. The shop offers a yummy selection of flavours like lemon, cream cheese passion fruit, cassis berry and earl grey. Our personal favorite though, will always be sea salt caramel. We fell in love with macarons a few years ago, and I had the pleasure of trying them in patisseries all over Paris last summer. Unfortunately, they're nowhere to be found in our cupcake abundant city. Last January Stephanie drove out to Stoney Creek to get them from Sweet Celebrations Patisserie for a holiday open house she held. While a macaron shop may not be so good for our waistline it would be great for the city. So if anyone wants to open one up, you'll find us first in line on opening day. Hint hint.


(Oh, and we should mention the pretty fabric the macarons were shot on is from Needlework!)

Butter Avenue

Patisserie & Cafe

3467 Young St.

Toronto, ON