Felony Case

Spiked iPhone case by Felony Case, wallet and purse by Michael Kors

I've never owned something that has garnered quite as much attention as I have my current iPhone case. Every time I use it people can't stop talking about it. They ask me if I'm hiding pepper spray or using it as weaponry. While the cases are definitely not meant for pockets they turn your iPhone into a fun outfit accessory. Especially for someone like myself, who never puts her phone down. Andrew Moore is the designer and creator of Felony Case. He draws influence from the likes of Jeffrey Campbell, Christian Louboutin, and Sam Edelman. He worked previously in Internet marketing before deciding to give himself a break from the computer and do something creative. "I'm constantly paying attention to culture and trends via the Internet and seeing what people are wearing while I'm out" says Andrew, "People are always on their phones these days, so the marketing is built right into the product". Andrew was so kind to send his studded and spiked cases in gold and silver and I've been rotating them ever since. He is also the co-owner of Varsity Brown, a handmade leather accessories company that is completely swoon worthy. 

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