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DSC_0028We discovered Blush about a year ago, and had established a sort of social media friendship with owner Michele Collins. Often we've said to each other, we have to take a road trip out to Guelph to visit her boutique. And last weekend, we finally did! Michele is lovely and so is her shop. Her feminine aethestic defines it's look and feel. A girly haven filled with beautiful clothes and charming accessories, it's so well designed and styled we wondered what her apartment looks like. (It's adorable for the record.) Michele studied visual merchandising at Seneca College, before launching a career as Visual Director for Club Monaco. "I loved my job at Club Monaco," says Michele, "It gave me a lot of  experience with store openings, running a visual team, and beautifying stores throughout Canada. It also inspired me to take my retail and display experience and to be confident to do my own thing." She opened Blush back in 2004, and says the best part about owning a boutique is finding great pieces for her customers that make them feel amazing! We watched her in action, and she's just wonderful, helping customers find their own style that they are comfortable with.


Everyday, we are excited to see what Michele posts on Instagram and her blog. And we're not the only ones. She has a loyal following who are equally as enthusiastic to see what she's wearing each day. We love too that she gives glimpses into her latest merchandising, store displays and window features. "Social media and marketing is a huge part of Blush and our business," explains Michele, "It allows us to interact with our customers everywhere. We are very visual at Blush so we love to share all our photos, style tips and what we are up to at the shop."


With fashion being so fast paced Michele keeps Blush freshly merchandised with new pieces every week. As a smaller boutique Blush only carries a few of each style making the pieces more unique and covetable for customers. "When finding labels and styles for the shop I keep my customers in mind," says Michele, "Current colours, styles with that 'Blushy' feel to it. Our customers love that the styles are hand picked for them and the boutique." You'll find Canadian labels like Covet and Dace, and gorgeous international lines like 10 Feet, Eryn Brinie, Sessún, Darling and Des Petits Hauts. "I love  finding good Canadian designers that work nicely into our Blush assortment," says Michele, "I've definitely discovered some amazing labels that we love like Lisbeth and Headmistress."


We instantly felt like we were friends with Michele, so we wanted to get to know her better! Here's what we learned.

Describe your style in three words.
Fun, romantic, creative

Favourite Canadian designer/label?

Favourite Instagram filter?
My main addiction... My favourite filter is Rise but have been switching it up with Walden lately.

Favourite magazine?
British Vogue or British Elle. I love the styling.

What was the last restaurant you went to and what did you order?
The Joint Cafe, a fun cozy new spot in Guelph. I had a delicious brunch. The breakfast burrito! 

Favourite place to shop, besides Blush of course.
Sandro in NYC. I love every piece in that shop!

What would surprise people about you?
I think that people might be as surprised as I am...that apparently I snore!!

What is your favourite thing about the city you live in?
I absolutely love Guelph. It's quaint, pretty, has great people... and is nice to come home to!











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Michele has thrown fashion shows, movie screenings and private parties at her boutique. So we thought who better to partner up with for an event? We're planning something special with Michele for the July Art Crawl happening July 14. Stay tuned for details!

Blush Boutique
38 Quebec Street
Guleph, ON
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