Derek Cardigan x We Are Handsome Eyewear Collab
 Derek Cardigan x We Are Handsome Eyewear Collab

Bold and Sophisticated

Love the look of tortoiseshell glasses? This style is for you. Gold rimmed, with a geometric patterned brow in rich caramel hues, this frame takes the classic style to the next level. With handmade acetate and a light metal base, these glasses compliment round faces and slightly wider cheekbones (like mine!).  

I've been wearing glasses since i was ten. and I've been a fan of Clearly for years, buying my contacts and eyeglasses from them. I LOVE THE RANGE OF STYLES AND COLOURS WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR SELECTION OF FRAMES. NOT TO MENTION HOW AFFORDABLE THEY ARE! IT MAKES IT SO EASY TO CHANGE UP YOUR LOOK. and whether it's clothes or accessories, come spring and summer, who doesn't love to try out fresh new styles? needless to say, I was excited when I saw their new collaboration with swimwear line, We Are Handsome. when clearly asked me to review the new capsule eyewear collection, I jumped at the opportunity.

A perfect fit for summer, I love this capsule collection. Jeremy Somers, the Creative Director behind We Are Handsome, took three classic Derek Cardigan styles and put a fresh, fun (and in some cases fruity) spin on them. Each has a sophisticated and playful side, and are available as eyeglasses and sunnies as well. Of the three styles, I really loved the Geometric Gold frames that I'm wearing in these photos. All the frames are handcrafted in Mazzuchelli's handmade Italian acetate so the quality is stellar, and so is the price (only $95!). And as with any glasses you can buy from Clearly, each come with free standard air lenses. I work in front of the computer for hours and hours each day, so I opted for the Kodak BlueReflect™ lenses which help any glare and strain caused by your screen or office lights. And let me tell you, they make a huge difference. 

If you haven't shopped for glasses online before, fret not. Clearly has a couple tools and tricks that will guide you along the way. The Face Shape Guide helps you decide which frames will suit you best. Oval, heart, round.. it's the perfect guide to finding a flattering fit. And if you have a current pair of glasses, you can enter your measurements into the MyFit tool to have Clearly recommend a selection of great fitting glasses. 


Who doesn't love a classic 60s cat eye frame? Sophisticated from the front, this style is bold, with a punchy print on the along the arms of the frame. And the angled frame is so well suited for rounded jaws and soft features.

 Derek Cardigan x We Are Handsome Eyewear Collab

You can check out the full Derek Cardigan x We Are Handsome collection here. Let me know your fave frame!

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Learning to Love Your Home.. and Stop Comparing it to Pinterest

Real talk. I'm addicted to Pinterest. I have five boards dedicated to interiors alone. So often I find myself comparing our home to these brightly lit, perfectly [un]staged spaces, wondering how people already "have it all" in their twenties and thirties. Seriously though, the Lacanche range of my dreams is basically a down payment on a house and it's in every photo I 'pin'. This is not real life, my friends.

Do you ever feel this way? Like your expectations for your home are too high? Sometimes I focus too much on decor, design, and picking the perfect furniture. When the reality is things will come together over time. And there's no rush to do it all right now. You just have to learn to love and live through all the awkward stages along the way. Like the endless dog hair on our sofa courtesy of our furry friends (or on the floor above). Or the fact that we still haven't repaired the gauges in the wall from when our new bathroom counter was installed. My tastes have changed so much since we first bought our home, I often question the choices I made. But the reality is I can't rush out to replace everything at once. I've started mixing, matching and moving pieces around to make each room feel fresh again. 

In this quest for perfection, we so often overlook the things that really make a house a home. The laughter, the memories it brings. The parties you've had in it with people you love. So ditch the idea of your "dream home" and cherish the one you have. Day to day, life isn't Pinterest perfect. 

5 simple ways to freshen up
and fall in love with your home again


If you don't use it or love it, it's time to let go. Whether you sell or donate the things you aren't using, A clutter free home will you give you a clean slate and will help you see the potential in it.

After a long, stagnant winter, it's time to invite spring in. Letting in the fresh breeze will make a big difference. Even if it's just cracking the windows open for an hour while you're running errands.

Stop by the market and treat yourself to a bunch of fresh blooms. They'll add a pop of colour and cheer to any room. 

A fresh coat of paint, new throw pillows, or some house plants are a few easy ways to liven things up. Even a simple thing like changing curtains will shed new light on any space.

Take time to enjoy your home. Whether it's spending an evening in making dinner, or inviting the neighbours over for drinks.