Branch Design


A few weeks ago our friend Dave suggested we head out to Westdale to check out Branch Design. He promised it was just our style. And it was. We walked in and were instantly charmed by Charles MacIntosh and Alex DeJong. The retail studio of Charles, Branch Design gives potential clients a chance to browse home décor pieces, indoor and outdoor furnishings, art and gifts, all the while getting a taste of the design services Charles offers. "I love the idea of  people being able to access  design services, consultation, resources, inspiration and home décor items in one location," says Charles. And boy does he have beautiful style. Every piece we looked at we wanted to bring home. And lets just say, we didn't leave empty handed. "I have always placed a great deal of importance on finding, making or building safe places for people to call their own including myself," he tells us.


Charles offers a range of services from interior design to home staging, organization, garden design and light landscaping. "I enjoy a very collaborative approach," says Charles, "Clients have great ideas, they just need help actualizing them." So if you are looking for creative home and garden design services, Charles will be sure to enliven your spaces with thoughtful creativity. Right now the shop is dressed for the holidays and is certain to inspire your holiday decorating. We can't imagine how beautiful it will look during Westdale Village's Winter Wander event on December 14. Be sure to drop by, and say hi to Charles and Alex.

These stockings are handmade by Lynne
 Belden out of reclaimed Hudson Bay blankets and each is adorned with an ornament like wooden skis, snowmen and maple leafs.

These stockings are handmade by Lynne Belden out of reclaimed Hudson Bay blankets and each is adorned with an ornament like wooden skis, snowmen and maple leafs.


There is no shortage of treasures to be found in the shop and many items are made by local artisans. We loved the Italian marble birdhouses and clementine crates made by R&D Fabbricati in Ancaster and the family rulers designed and crafted by Mike Meiler Woodworking out of Dundas.



What are your top five sources for design inspiration?
Lately…movies, our artist friends, the design blog Remodelista, the endless possibilities of repurposing, and vintage Shasta Trailers

Describe your style in 3 words.
Seamless, elegant, unexpected

Where do you find your best vintage/antique pieces?
Estate and garage sales, small local antique shops, Aberfoyle Antique Market

What is your advice to young interior designers?
Develop excellent listening skills, never forget that the process of change can create anxiety for clients.  Walk your clients through the process gently and above all value the relationship.

What is your favourite element of your home?
It is built in the Bahaus Style of architecture in a very traditional neighborhood. 

What would people be most surprised to know about you?
I had a 23 year career in youth services in the downtown core.


Branch Design
850 King Street West
Hamilton, ON
Open Tuesday - Saturday, 12:30 - 6:30 p.m.