My order from Everlane arrived today. Sooner than expected too! I've been following Everlane since they launched their crowd funding campaign to come to Canada back in March. With the overwhelming market of designer labels and fast fashion retailers, it's not easy to find a retailer that offers well crafted, quality items at a fair price point. After years of labour and love, I lost a bit of affection for the fashion industry. With the number of collections, secondary lines and designer collaborations that get churned out I simply can't keep up with what is on trend or in season anymore. I've found myself buying less and investing more in timeless, quality pieces that I truly love. And I'm willing to save up and spend more on items when I know the designer has put their heart into creating something really beautiful.

Founded by Michael Preysman with one simple t-shirt design, Everlane has a unique business model. With a less-is-more philosophy, the company produces all the goods themselves and sells only online. By eliminating the middlemen and the expenses of a brick-and-mortar store, the savings are passed on to the customer. You'll find a carefully edited selection of staple pieces -- a cashmere sweater, a silk blouse, a weekender bag -- but at a fraction of the cost set by a traditional retailer. And the best part is they are completely transparent about the factories they use, the production processes and associated costs. This lightweight Supima cotton tee cost Everlane $6.70 to produce. It retails for only $15.00 + $3.00 taxes. 



When I received an email with a sneak peek at their summer sandals, I began counting down the days until they were released. I am the most fussy person when it comes to footwear. Especially sandals. I love beautiful leather and understated details. But season after season I've found myself settling for second best. When I saw these Everlane sandals, I knew they were going to be mine. The question was -- for how much? I guessed and hoped for somewhere around $79.00. So I was initially surprised when they retailed for $105.00. As if they read my mind, Everlane released a blog post explaining the price point and after reading I felt satisfied with the rationale. And when they arrived today and I slipped them on, the difference was obvious. The design is exactly what I have been looking for. The leather is gorgeous. The sandal is sturdy, well-crafted, comfortable. They are made to last. 



I look forward to seeing what Everlane releases next. The Poplin shirts are lovely. I'd love to see a great pair of jeans. Maybe a blazer. For now you can shop the current collection here!