Happy New Year! Plus, a 2014 Recap.

Hello 2015! When my Day Designer planner arrived, the New Year felt so far off. But here I am thinking about what the year ahead will hold. Each blank page presents the possibility of a new adventure in life, work or travel. And after the holidays, I must say I feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the New Year.

It really was the perfect time to unwind and to reflect. You may have noticed I was quiet online for a few weeks. Adam and I made an effort to be present in the moment instead of present online. This isn't always easy for us given the creative jobs we have and the need we feel to always be connected. We spent time each day with family and friends. We stayed up late watching movies and slept in even later. We took time to enjoy what we love about our city. We tried new restaurants, went to the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and took long walks around the neighbourhood with our dogs.

When I had quiet time to myself, I looked back and felt so grateful for all the amazing moments that took place in 2014. As a creative outlet, this blog has given me more opportunities than I could have ever dreamed. After five years I'm so humbled by you, the readers who regularly visit the blog, connect me through social media and send touching emails. Thank you for supporting me over the years! I also have so much gratitude for brands who believe in the voice bloggers have and the content they create. I partnered with some amazing lifestyle brands on posts and social media campaigns in 2014 and I look forward to more collaborations this year with brands I truly love. I'm excited to create content that will inspire you -- from places I discover in my neighbourhood and in my travels, to people that inspire me, to life and style moments. And I'd love to hear from you in the comments about the content you have enjoyed and would like to see more of this year.


As for life lately in Hamilton, I love living in a city where culture and the creative economy are flourishing. I joined three arts committees in in 2014 -- the CLiC Committee at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, the Programming Committee for the AGH World Film Festival and the hpoGO Advisory Committee for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. It's so important to me to make a meaningful contribution to the arts scene in Hamilton. I'm honoured to be Vice-Chair of the CLiC Committee this year and excited to bring exciting programming and social events to young professionals in Hamilton who are interested in culture. I'd love to see you at one of our upcoming CLiC events!

What does the New Year hold? Well, I ended 2014 on a really high note, so I hope that means good things to come. One of my favourite fashion magazines contacted me to do a profile for their March issue. I can't wait to share the piece with you soon! The New Year also started with great news. On January 6, my beautiful Goddaughter Anna arrived. It's so exciting to see our tiny family growing and I can't wait to be by her side as she grows and discovers over the coming years. This weekend I have a trip planned to Niagara with Ontario Travel. I'm looking forward to experiencing wine country in the winter. You can check back next week for my post about it!

All in all, I'm feeling optimistic and inspired for the year ahead. Adam and I are planning some major home renovations to our century home and I've been saving my ideas on Pinterest. Definitely follow along and share your ideas with me too! I'll be posting about my experience as the project unfolds. And once we're finished it will be featured on one of my favourite design blogs. So exciting! We're also committing to a few trips this year and I can't wait to start planning where to and when.

What about you? I'd love to hear about what you are looking forward to in the new year and what exciting plans you have. Leave me a note in the comments section!