Happy to Pass it On

Years go by, and styles change. This is true for both what you wear and how you decorate your home. But just because you’ve fallen out of love with a pair of shoes or prints you’ve displayed in your living room, doesn’t mean someone else won’t love them.

When we bought our first home five years ago, my style was very different than it is today. Much of the furniture and décor I choose at the time has been stored away over the years. I held onto pieces thinking I might use them one day. But, sadly, the boxes have just sat in the basement. So, too, have clothes that I’ve packed away from previous seasons.

As we contemplate buying a second home – we have realized we’re going to have to be selective with what we bring with us. And no, we’re not selling our century home in Hamilton! From the basement up, we’ve been sorting through each room in our house, setting aside things that are ready for a second life. A few weeks ago, we packed our car full of boxes and headed to our local Value Village to make a donation! It felt great to declutter. But even better knowing the pieces will find a good home, and that our donation supports local charities.

Over the last couple years I’ve defined my style. I know what I love to admire from afar – bright colours, patterns and bold jewellery. And I know what I actually love to wear – simple, well-tailored, understated pieces, in a minimal colour palette. So I’m saying goodbye to my bright salmon coloured J.Crew trousers. And the gold lame pants from Club Monaco that warranted me a blog comment from the Man Repeller herself back in 2009. And the clothes that I accumulated from working at Zara (and having a discount) in my early twenties. And yes, the vintage Gucci boots I bought on Etsy convincing myself a size 37.5 would surely fit my size 38 feet. They didn’t. While I definitely have an emotional attachment to some pieces, I’m excited to know I’ll thrill some girl when she discovers ‘the most amazing Marc Jacobs wallet at Value Village'. Because there’s nothing better really, than the thrill of a fab find!

Want to find out what I’m donating? Follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #happytopassiton, as I share the items I’m donating to Value Village! And if you too, are spring cleaning your closet, consider making a donation. You can find out about what items they take and how your donations help at valuevillage.com/donate.

Value Village is more than your favourite thrift store - they also support nonprofit organizations like Canadian Diabetes Association and Developmental Disabilities Association, among others, in your community. Remember to donate your reusable items to local nonprofits at Value Village! In addition to supporting the nonprofit, you’ll also be helping planet Earth. Value Village, Good n’ Thrifty! Learn more:  valuevillage.com


This post was brought to you by Value Village via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Value Village.

Stephanie Trendocher