Beauty Notes : Lovefresh

I was first introduced to Toronto based beauty line, LOVEFRESH by the lovely ladies at The Ten Spot. I was instantly smitten with the beautiful packaging and luxurious look and feel of the products. I could hardly believe they were all-natural! Natural beauty products are very important to me. I like to know exactly what I'm putting on my skin so I can keep it healthy. It's encouraging to know that each LOVEFRESH product is made with the best ingredients from the best sources.

The one all-natural product I've struggled to find however, is an effective deodorant. When I saw that LOVEFRESH recently launched their own natural cream deodorant, I was eager to try it. Over the years, I've tested different kinds only to be disappointed with the results. This one actually works and I'm so impressed with it. I choose the Moroccan rose absolute scent. It's light, smells lovely and lasts the better part of the day. I've been using it for just over a week and it really, really works. After raving about the product to LOVEFRESH founder, Stacey Davis, we chatted about how the line came to be and her own beauty regime.


What inspired you to start the all-natural body care line LOVEFRESH?
I started LOVEFRESH after becoming a certified aromatherapist. I had no idea what to do with this newfound information and decided to make cold processed soap. Funny enough, I don't it make anymore.

How do you decide on your products, the combination of ingredients in them and the scents? 
I tried to find a way to make a line that reaches a wide audience. But I also put my own spin on it, making it natural, effective and fabulous smelling. I use a natural ingredient recipe and make a point of gearing it towards our harsh Canadian weather. I use both natural organic essential oils and fragrances for the scents. There is no such thing as Pear essential oil! I feel like most companies only gear their natural lines of products to those that love lavender or lemon. But some of us still love the smell of coconuts and vanilla frosting and I wanted to create a quality line to offer everyone.

You launched an all-natural deodorant recently. Can you tell me about your creative process?
The deodorant was born out of a family health crises and I decided to make a natural deodorant in hopes of helping women find an alternative to a chemical ridden antiperspirants.  It's healthy to sweat!  I always test my products first on my very sensitive skin and some family members as well. When I feel it's ready and it has been tried and tested, it’s good to go.

Branding is important in today's competitive market. What inspired your beautiful, distinctive packaging?
I love simplicity.  Black and white is so classic and never goes out of style.  I want the LOVEFRESH line to look beautiful on everyone's shelf or sink and wanted the packaging to be as fabulous as the content.

What is your beauty regime?
I love to have a bath in the evening, so that in the morning I can splash some lavender floral water on my face and go. Once a week, I will exfoliate my skin with a paste I whip up (almond meal, glycerin, lavender buds and hydrosol) and follow up with some argan and mandarin essential oil.  Very simple, but effective.

Which of your products do you consider a must have in your all-natural beauty arsenal?
In the winter, our sugar scrubs. They keep flaky skin at bay. But in the summer our new deodorants. They are fab!

Outside of skin and body care products, which lifestyle choices make for beautiful, healthy skin?
Water, water and more water.  I am also a vegetarian.  I order an organic box of fruits and veggies every week. It's usually all gone by day 3! We love fruits and vegetables.  Oh, my newfound favourite protein shake, Vega French Vanilla. It's the bomb.


You can shop LOVEFRESH products online or at these local retailers!