Made For You by Madeleine

Tucked away on King William Street, in the heart of the James Street North neighbourhood is a petite new bakery. Made for you by Madeleine, an open kitchen bakery stone-grinds the organic grain on site.

After schooling at George Brown College and summers abroad studying pastry in Italy, Joy Jones apprenticed in pastry at the Four Seasons Toronto. Inspired later on by her studies in holistic nutrition, she began to consider how to blend her classical training with better nutrition in an effort to be a more responsible baker. With an impressive assortment of sweet and savory baked goods, the changing menu includes items like flourless chocolate cake, coconut caramel tarts and almond financiers. All of which pair well with the dessert teas Joy serves. I stopped by a few weeks ago to see the milling process and to ask Joy some questions about her rustic, European inspired baked goods.

Hamilton is a great place for the bakery. It has a community of people who consciously support local, ecologically-minded food production.


What inspired you to open your own bakery in Hamilton?

I opened my own bakery to further my professional interest in baking with fresh whole grain flour.

Can you share why milling your own grains is such an important part of your bakery?

Milling grain gives flour with the best nutrition and flavour. Using this flour really helps make treats with more nutritious elements. This is important because in an era of industrial food production, we need better choices in what we, and our children, have available. So I sleep well knowing I'm helping the community by providing a healthier option to conventional baked goods.

What is a typical day like for you?

A typical baking day starts with baking at dawn, then recipe planning and development, some community contact and goal-setting.

What would you recommend someone try on their first visit?

I usually recommend things based on listening to what someone likes. Because we all have our favourites in tastes and textures, I use them to personalize a suggestion. If you'll pardon the pun, there's no cookie-cutter recommendation!

What is your personal favourite baked good?

Personal favourite, currently… from Madeleine, the bran loaf with fruit and nuts. From the wider world of French pastry, hm, probably a cannelé.

When you have a day off from baking, what do you like to do?

On a day off from baking, I enjoy walking on the Escarpment. It's a peaceful place that clears my mind. Fortunately, I live just a 5 minute walk from the Dundurn stairs.  Sometimes I wish I had a dog to bring along. Note to self, find a dog to borrow!

Taste the difference freshly milled flour makes for yourself. Stop by the bakery and take in the delicious smells and flavours of her baked goods. Hands on classes are even coming this spring for those who are interested in learning about baking. Ask Joy for details!

Made for you by Madeleine
51 King William Street
Hamilton, ON
L8R 1A2