Every morning I wake up and hope the weather is warm enough to justify wearing my neon rose trousers. For someone with a wardrobe as muted in colour as mine, (think black, navy, grey, nude, white), I went on a bit of a spree this spring adding brights amongst my neutrals. A lemon lace blouse, check. Tapered lavender pants, you bet. Neon persimmon jeweled baubles, I had to. Perhaps it was this visit to Milli that enlightened my appreciation for colour this season. While the beautifully dressed windows of the Hamilton storefront always capture my attention, I happened to stop in on a day when the store was being re-merchandised. A dreary winter season overextending its stay into April does little to inspire. But the lively colours and prints showcased at Milli offered perfect ideas for adding some vibrancy as you transition to fair weather outfits. And those Cole Haan oxfords I've been lusting over, in sandstone and orange.. really the perfect way to balance out bold colours, no?

I always admire the thoughtfully curated displays at Milli.

I always admire the thoughtfully curated displays at Milli.


Here I am eagerly awaiting spring, while the fashion world springs forward to fall. On May 11, Milli will be previewing the fall collections in store from Canadian talent and top labels including Arthur Mendonca, Unttld and DUY.

310 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON
(905) 527-1531

Stephanie Trendocher